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Primary Care services offered in Bokeelia, FL

Primary care is the foundation of great health, and virtually everyone benefits from working with a highly skilled primary care practitioner. At Ancuram Family Medicine, Daniel L. W. Hanley, MD, is the choice provider for many Bokeelia, Florida residents. To book an initial visit with Dr. Hanley, simply call or take a few moments online to check appointment availability.

Primary Care Q&A

What is primary care?

Primary care can be envisioned as the starting point for all your health and wellness needs. Partnering with a skilled provider ensures you have access to excellent preventive health services and a resource to turn to with any questions or concerns.

Everyone needs primary care. Even if you’re healthy and have no existing health issues, your provider can still work with you to find ways to feel your best and function at peak levels every day. Excellent primary care remains essential as you and your loved ones move through the phases of life, from pediatrics to geriatric care.

What kinds of services can I receive within primary care?

At Ancuram Family Medicine, the team keeps preventive health as a central focus within their primary care. Your provider performs the screenings needed for your age and overall health during:

  • Child wellness exams
  • Annual physicals
  • Women’s health appointments
  • Men’s health appointments

Lab testing is often part of the process.

When an unexpected injury or an illness like the flu arises, acute care (sick visits) offers the chance to address symptoms promptly and begin a path toward relief. This is especially beneficial to parents caring for a sick or injured child while also managing their emotional reaction to the circumstances.

If you have one or more chronic diseases like eczema, allergies, or migraine, working with your primary care doctor on chronic disease management is a great way to improve your condition. Finding ways to incorporate weight management and meaningful lifestyle improvements into your daily routines can go a long way toward reducing the symptoms of chronic disease. 

What if I need to see a specialist?

You may need to work with a specialist from time to time, and if that news arises, your primary care provider can help you find the right practitioner. Once you begin specialized care, your provider remains in contact with your extended care team. 

This ensures your medical records remain up-to-date and facilitates continuity of care once your specialized care ends. Many specialists enjoy working with the Ancuram Family Medicine team because of the patient's attention to detail. 

Call the office to schedule a visit if you have more questions about primary care and how it might enhance your health and wellness. Online booking is also an option and takes just moments to complete.